The Northern Beaches have come into their own, producing a fast growing succession of talented entrepreneurs and businesses, with an effortlessly chic sense of style, an ecological awareness, healthy lifestyle and slightly slower pace of life. New business on the beaches for many has been conducted casually from the dining table and the local cafe. We recognise the opportunity to further grow local business by working alongside each other, generating new ideas, greater confidence whilst staying true to ourselves.

Due North Workspaces, a coworking, meeting and event space in Manly's North Head Sanctuary, was born from a longing for a convenient place to gather, alongside likeminded professionals, in an environment that celebrates coastal living.

The team behind it are a creative family spanning generations; an urban artist, oil painter, landscape designer, two graphic designers and a new media producer. What unites us, apart from blood, is that we happily reside on Sydney's Northern Beaches and no longer compromise our lives to commute
to work in a corporate office in the city.

Due North's quiet parkland setting encourages a clear mindset. Whilst its proximity to bustling Manly, with regular ferries to the city, provides connectivity to Sydney's business epicentre. The building itself is heritage listed, surrounded by historic relics and native flora.

It's original features and colour scheme inspired a lovingly styled interior aesthetic of contemporary workspaces with nautical touches. Suites, event spaces, a meeting room and common areas connect to a generous curved corridor, allowing for an open flow and dispersion of natural light.

In short, Due North is an inspiring space to work, too beautiful, unique and well positioned to consider a corporate office. It is a home away from home, a supportive community of seafaring folk who's bespoke blueprint for business celebrates
work life balance.

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